The Danger of Rejecting Godly Counsel

The Bible is the book of life. In it, we find various teachings, principles, parables, and laws we should live by. This is all a part of God’s counsel. As Christians, we must obey and heed Godly counsel for there is danger in not following it. A good example of why we should not reject Godly counsel can be found in the book of 2nd Chronicles chapter 10 with the story of King Rehoboam. As it reads Jeroboam, who spoke for the people, came to King Rehoboam, King of  Israel and son of King Solomon, asking him not to be as hard on his people as his father once was concerning the manual labor of building the new temple of worship.  Rehoboam asked him to return to him in 3 days. After Jeroboam left, Rehoboam consulted with the old men that stood before his father Solomon in regards to what he had discussed with Jeroboam. Their advice was to do as the people asked him. If he be kind to his people and ease the burden upon his people and show them they were appreciated, they would serve him for life. Rehoboam forsook the counsel the old wise men had given him. He then consulted with the younger men that were closer in age with him and who had grew up in the house with him. Their advice was that he should be even harsher on the people than his father Solomon did. Jeroboam returned to King Rehoboam after 3 days to find out that Rehoboam’s decision was to make the labor of his people even harder and he didn’t consider anything Jeroboam said. So what happened?

The decision of King Rehoboam to work his people harder resulted in the split up of the kingdom. The people of Israel rebelled strongly against him and caused him to flee his land. In this instance the old counsel represented Godly counsel. The old men gave counsel that would benefit not only the king, but also the people. It would have been a fair and honest decision by King Rehoboam. The younger men represented ungodly counsel. They gave counsel that would benefit only them and did not consider the welfare of the people they were leading.

The results of rejecting Godly counsel result in hardships, division, contention, and sometimes even hatred. Always receive and heed to Godly counsel. Let’s not reject Godly counsel and remember the Bible says that there is safety in the multitude of counselors.

Pastor Whitney Bardell

Living Word Christian Fellowship