Staying Connected in College

I have three younger siblings and one of them just moved away to college. On Sunday morning I texted her the same question my older sister texted me after I started college and moved into my dorm: “are you watching church online.” She replied yes and I preceded to say, “great job, you passed your first test on staying connected with our church after leaving for college.” So, whether you are reading this article as a freshman in college or a concerned parent I am happy to offer you five ways to stay connected with your home church while you are off at college.

  1. Church Online.

If your pastor is streaming or recording their services for later use you can watch them online. If they are not streaming, you can request they check out Holy Connection TV at

  1. Church App.

You can stay updated with church events, service times, and watch services on most church apps. Holy Connection TV also creates church apps and websites.

  1. Church youth group.

When I was in school we had bible study groups that were apart of local churches, so check and see if your church has a bible study group for your school or even think about starting your own.

  1. Visit Home.

When you are home for the holidays always go to church and check in with your pastor or church leaders.

  1. Speak to your Pastor.

Finally, you can speak to your Pastor about a church they have visited that they can recommend to you. It may not be your exact church but it may feel like home.

Going off to college can be challenging and there are a lot of opportunities for making the right decision. Staying connected to your home church helps you to stay true to yourself and make the right decisions.

Alexandra Roberson-Dudley