And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."


Our Vision

Advancing The Kingdom Of God on the earth by spreading The Word Of God to the world. Equipping churches, ministries, Christian organizations, and Christian’s businesses with the tools that are needed to reach people on a global scale, by creating new technology and using existing technology. Making sure that anytime any Man or Woman of God is preaching or teaching The Word Of God it is being recorded and broadcasted throughout the whole world so that lives can be changed through Christ Jesus. Mark 16:15

Our Mission

Jesus gave us a charge to go ye out into all the world and spread the Gospel, as Christians we have a duty to minister to the unbelievers. Most Christians come to Church to get fed, but it can’t stop there, we have to promote Christ better than the world promotes sin. If the lost, unbelievers and unfaithful won’t come to the Word Of God, than let’s take The Word Of God to them!

Some of our HCTV Churches

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